New MA in Education!

Details of our new Masters in Education have been published. The degree starts in September 2015 and we welcome enquiries from prospective students.

‘The MA in Education offers practicing and aspiring educators opportunities to learn, apply and produce critical knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of Education, and to use this to inform and transform future thinking, practice, policy and institutions. The programme includes core courses in the philosophical, social and historical foundations of progressive education and educational politics, the relationship between education and social justice, methodological approaches to research in education, and critical pedagogies and curriculum.

This Master’s enables you to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to design and create democratic, inclusive, co-operative and experimental learning communities in all educational settings. The content and curriculum are designed to facilitate the integration of theory, research, practice and social engagement and to create effective strategies for practice.

This programme is organised around the core themes of education and social justice, critical perspectives on current educational issues, pedagogies and curriculum design for critical thinking and inclusive learning, and methods for practitioner, school-based and academic research.’

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