Academic Year 2015-16 new programme being developed

Dear All,

Welcome to this new academic year, I hope you have all had a good summer conferencing, holidaying, and writing!

We have some exciting things coming up this between now and the winter break:

A session hearing from Dr. Sarah Amsler and Prof. Mike Neary about their experiences in Portugal at the Enlivened Learning Gathering:

Dr. Kai Heidemann, Lecturer of Sociology, Maastricht University, Netherlands will be coming on the 8th October to deliver a seminar on:

“Another School is Possible: Neoliberal Crisis, Popular Protest and the Rise of Cooperative Schooling in Argentina”

and on Thursday November 19th we have Dr. Glenn Rikowski talking about

“Crises, Commodities and Education: Disruptions, Eruptions, Interruptions and Ruptures”

More on these and other sessions soon!


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