New Seminar Added

We have another great seminar just added to the RiCES calendar – Dr Paolo Vittoria is visiting from Brazil and will be stopping off with RiCES to deliver the following seminar:

Social Movements, Popular Education and Universities: A Proposal for an International Network (Dr Paolo Vittoria, Senior Lecturer in “Philosophy of Education” and “Popular Education and Social Movements” at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Campus of Human Sciences and Philosophy, Faculty of Education, Department of Education, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).)

Thursday October 15th 1.30-4pm in room JBL2C04

The neo-liberal educational model presents, in its market-driven paradigm, renewed forms of repression: what we could call, in Freirean terms, as “culture of silence”. How can we break the “culture of silence”? How can we build a critical culture of social relationships?

Worldwide social movements, political and academic groups are working to develop a critical culture based on dialogue and actions of resistance against neo-liberalism, creating spaces of teaching and learning that are no longer based on competitive skills, but instead, focused on creative, collective and participatory experiences of popular education. The scope of this article is to investigate the role of popular education in experiences and policies of resistance, highlighting social movements and academic groups that, mainly in Latin America, defend the human right of people to create their own words, images and dreams. With this scope, I present in the seminar the experience of “Permanent Forum of Social Movement, Popular Education and Universities” that we are developing in Rio de Janeiro and the proposal of an international network with social movements and groups of popular education in Europe.


Do join us for this special event.


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