Social Co-operatives and the Democratisation of Higher Education

On 5 April, Joss Winn (University of Lincoln) and Richard Hall (De Montfort University) presented a version of the introduction to their new book, Mass Intellectuality and Democratic Leadership in Higher Education at the Co-operative Education and Research Conference in Manchester.

The paper, ‘Social co-operatives and the democratisation of higher education’, explores how taking the idea of ‘mass intellectuality’ seriously opens up radical new ways of thinking about what higher education is and can be. It ‘develops a critical analysis of ‘intellectual leadership’ in the University, and identifies on-going efforts from around the world to create alternative models for organising HE and the production of knowledge’. Arguing that real democracy is possible in learning, knowledge production and the relationship between the university and society, it concludes with a ‘critical-practical response grounded in the form of “co-operative higher education”. This rests on the assertion that ‘social co-operatives’ offer an organizational form that values democratic participation and decision-making and would constitute the university as a social form of mass intellectuality re-appropriated by the producers of knowledge.’

For more information and to read the paper, click here.

To learn more about current research into co-operative higher education and leadership, see Joss Winn here, Richard Hall here and a the Co-op Leadership project site here.


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