Reminder: ‘Pedagogies of Inclusion & Equality in the Performative Society’

Pedagogies of Inclusion and Equality in the Performative Society
7 June, 12:30–1:30pm, DCB1107

Working lunch conversation and research/workshop planning

What does it mean to educate for inclusion and equality in the performative society? More than ten years after Stephen Ball published his seminal paper ‘The teacher’s soul and the terrors of performativity’, teachers in English schools, colleges and universities are struggling not ‘to set aside personal beliefs and commitments and live an existence of calculation’ within systems of marketisation, managerialism and accountability. Yet while this is a shared struggle with personal and social consequences, there are few spaces in which teachers can collectively share their unspoken knowledges, develop critical understandings about the conditions of their work, learn about trends in today’s progressive education movements, develop effective strategies of resistance to the marketisation of education, and imagine alternative educational futures. Such space is urgently needed, particularly by those who are working the with children, young people and adults whom ‘the market’ most devalues, damages and excludes. The aim of this conversation is to make a start on creating it.

If you are working in this field, please join us to share your research and help us design a workshop for educators! Bring your own lunch! For more information, contact Sarah Amsler (

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