‘Pedagogy of hate’ – a review of Peter McLaren’s Pedagogy of Insurrection (2015)

Please see the abstract below of a new paper by Prof. Mike Neary, ‘Pedagogy of hate’. The paper engages with Peter McLaren’s recently published Pedagogy of Insurrection (Peter Lang, 2015). Look for the review in a forthcoming edition of Policy Futures in Education, and read early by visiting this link to a pre-print version of the paper.

“Written as  an extended review of Peter McLaren’s ‘Pedagogy of Insurrection: from Resurrection to Revolution’ published in 2015, this paper contradicts McLaren’s affirmation of political religion and the version of critical pedagogy on which it is based, claiming hate rather than Christian love as a core concept of Critical Theory. Not a personal, psychological or pathological hate, but a radical hate for what the world has become, or absolute negativity. Hate must be invoked as love-hate for the magic of dialectics to work against the holy love of McLaren’s Christian socialism. Radical hate reveals the main transcendental tenets of capitalist civilisation: God and Money, as impersonal forms of social domination that must be brought down to earth so real existence can learn, learn, learn itself. That is the educative power of the Pedagogy of Hate. Now and forever.”

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